What's the scoop?


We just love ice cream!

Located in Historic Fountain Square, this unique neighborhood just east of the heart of

downtown Indianapolis truly has a character of its own and now it has delicious ice cream!

Take a walk through Fountain Square, full of art, culture, our furry four-legged friends, great cuisine and plenty to drink, yet all with a neighborly feel. Ice cream was all that was missing from this great neighborhood and now it is finally here!


You can now walk down Virginia Avenue with a waffle cone in hand. With great locally made flavors, dairy free options and located right on the new Red Line there's no reason to not be here all year long. 


It's the experience that counts

Not only are we serving up scoops of local hand made ice cream, we also have a varied selection of candy from both past and present. Some of our candy even dates back from before your parents were born! A generous selection of bottled old-fashioned craft sodas are also available which can be enjoyed on their own or made into a float.

Though you can't really go wrong with ice cream, candy and soda, we really pride ourselves on our customer service. We already know we serve great products, how we deliver them is what's most important to us. At Square Scoop, we hope you feel warmly welcomed, fully satisfied and leave ready to come back with all your friends.